Posted by: Julie in Marin | May 31, 2011

Never Miss SF When you Hang in Mill Valley

We all miss the Sweetwater Saloon, but 142 Throckmorton Theater is a terrific venue for some really great shows.   Sunday night was ‘A Conversation with Dana Carvey’ that was not only bwaa hah hah funny…..but there were a lot of great stories of Dana’s rise to fame.   Dana Carvey is a local, and was kind enough to be the headliner for the fundraiser for 142 Throckmorton — an absolutely beautiful theater.

Catered by Saylor’s of Sausalito.   Great tacos, tostadas, etc. with the margaritas flowing….loads of fun!

Posted by: Julie in Marin | May 10, 2011

Bar Bocce in Sausalito: Get there Early

Arrive early for dinner at Bar Bocce in Sausalito on Bridgeway next to Paradise Bay.  Get your name on the chalk board and enjoy the fire pit, bocce ball court, and view of the harbor.  If it’s chilly, the restaurant provides blankets to cuddle up in.

The pizzas are to die for!  Thin crusts, amazing herbs and seasoning… Picco Pizza has competition!   Order the polenta as an appetizer, split a pizza, and it’s a reasonable, but absolutely delicious dinner and lovely view.

At the Corte Madera city council meeting tonight at 7:30 a high density development at Tamal Vista and Wornum next to the freeway with 180 units will be discussed.  That’s at least 200 more cars commuting, driving to schools, shopping, etc. 

As a member of the Larkspur Citizen Advisory Committee working on the 20 year general plan, I can tell you there is pressure and even ABAG-imposed quotas for towns to BUILD, BUILD, BUILD under the trendy bureaucratic theory that if you build high density housing near transportation and shopping…. instead of car trips, there will be bucolic errands and commuting through walking, biking, and bus rides.  In my opinion, these ideas will choke us with exhaust from cars idling in traffic and the real winners in what they call “intensification” are the developers cloaking themselves in the label of being ‘green’.   The sustainable community emporer is wearing no clothes and the only thing green about deals like this is the money.  For academic stats on the real-world effects of what a utopian ‘high density’ planning policy’s effects on a community actually are, find “The Paradox of Intensification” on YouTube.   I will try to link it here when I get a chance.  Very dry statistics on Portland but the presentation demonstrates the obvious:  Build a lot of a housing in a small space and the local community experiences more traffic jams and more pollution.   I’m all for property rights and the rights for developers to make a profit– but I say keep the developments within common sense zoning parameters.

If you’re interested in whether Larkspur changes the 20 Year Plan to “encourage” high density building to meet the ABAG goal of 382 NEW units by 2014, please let me know privately at and I’ll put you on an update list.  By the way, the total Marin County new units to be built as set by the Association for Bay Area Governments (an agency we have funded to the tune of several hundred million dollars) is 4,882.   For the ‘sustainable community’ vision check out the illustrations at   Then think about what almost 5,000 new housing units will look like here.

Posted by: Julie in Marin | April 28, 2011

Hope Springs Temporarily on a 4-Lane Thoroughfare

JUST when you start to lose all faith in humanity, something like this happens:

Getting off northbound 101 at Corte Madera, and following the flow making a right on Paradise Drive, suddenly traffic comes to a screeching halt.  A young man had stopped his truck to block traffic and hopped out.  What happened?  A downed biker?  An accident?  No it was a mommy duck with her babies much like the photo to the right being sheparded across a 4 lane road by a Good Samaritan.   He then stopped the 2 lanes of traffic coming in the other direction, helped a couple of the little ducklings over the median strip, and the feathered family gratefully hopped into the canal on the other side.

Awwwwwww!   My faith in humanity is restored…

Posted by: Julie in Marin | April 16, 2011

San Francisco Market update

I ran into one of my favorite San Francisco real estate agents at Rulli’s in Larkspur this morning.  He said the homes that came on the market in the early spring that were ‘show ready’, priced right and had few, if any downsides flew out the door to buyers who had been waiting for more inventory.   Sounds familiar….

Posted by: Julie in Marin | April 14, 2011

High End Market in Marin Shows Some Life

Good news for sellers of luxury homes in Marin County.  Note the upswing in homes priced between $3 and $5 million.   Click on the chart for a larger view.   Log onto for some of the Best Deals.

Posted by: Julie in Marin | April 14, 2011

After the Price Drop, We’re Seeing a Tick Up

Take a look at the GREEN line that rises over the 40 year time span.  That is Marin average home price.  Takes a dive for a couple of years…and what do you know?  A slight tick up now!   No one knows whether that’s the beginning of a trend, or whether Marin Housing prices are going to bounce around on the ‘bottom’ for awhile…but we like to see that upward movement.

Posted by: Julie in Marin | April 5, 2011

Market Update: Low End is HOT, $1 – $2 million moves up

As has been the case for quite a while, homes, condos and townhomes in the $500K and under price range are flying out the door–more than half in contract in most areas.

The interesting market movement for February is how much healthier the $1 to $2 million price range became.   I will post a chart for that range tomorrow.   In the meantime, I ran the numbers for the $1.1 to $1.4 price range in central Marin towns, and found that 38% of homes on the market are in contract.   It’s that early spring bump in activity.  Particularly when the weather clears up, the buyers who have been sitting on the fence are out now taking advantage of incredible interest rates!   It’s a great time to put a home on the market as inventory is still rather low and San Francisco families who were not assigned to the school of their choice are now looking.  Frankly, for those who are ‘waiting’ for the good old days to come back, the prices from the top of the fraud-generated bubble are probably going to be just a fond memory for quite a while.

Posted by: Julie in Marin | March 25, 2011

Larkspur’s Police Log can be wacky

This from the Patch… a local on-line paper I highly recommend:

Twin Cities Police Log: March 9-15

Section Sponsored By // <![CDATA[
// ]]>patch

Bee Gees are at the source of a domestic disturbance in the Twin Cities.

• A resident in the 1000 block of South Eliseo Drive reported a loud disturbance between his neighbors, a husband and wife. The subjects were contacted and it was determined they were having a “debate” over whether or not Andy Gibb from the Bee Gees and St. Jude are the same person

Posted by: Julie in Marin | March 21, 2011

Newspaper Story (‘old media’) Brings in Viewers and Buyers!

When my listing at was featured in the Friday Chronicle “Walk Through” section, the hits on the website went through the roof!   Well, to be fair, the home was also featured on, but most buyers who came through over the next couple of weeks had seen the old-fashioned paper article.  We may have an offer coming in from Denver buyers who did see the SFGate photos, and put the home at the top of their ‘must see’ list on their next trip out.   There is still some room for good press!

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